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Garage Door Weatherproofing

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What Is Weatherproofing?

Weatherproofing is the process of sealing and reinforcing your garage door to prevent moisture, drafts, and pests from interfering with your garage door’s functionality and protect the contents of your garage. By weatherproofing your garage door, you create an effective barrier against rain, wind, snow, heat, and cold. Houston, Texas is known for its unpredictable weather patterns, so weatherproofing is a must-have for every garage door. With our expertise and high-quality materials, we can ensure that your garage remains dry, secure, and energy-efficient.

Types Of Garage Door Weatherproofing

There are different methods of weatherproofing your garage door that are worth considering. Here are the most common ways to keep your garage door and the inside of your garage safe from the elements:

Sealants and Weatherstripping

Applying sealants and weatherstripping around the edges and joints of your garage door is a common weatherproofing technique. These materials create a tight seal that blocks out drafts, moisture, and pests. Our skilled technicians will carefully install weatherstripping made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting protection.


Insulating your garage door not only helps regulate temperature but also reduces noise and improves energy efficiency. Our team can expertly install insulation panels or reflective insulation materials to keep your garage comfortable and shielded from extreme temperatures.

Threshold Seals

Threshold seals are placed along the bottom of the garage door, sealing the gap between the door and the floor. This prevents water, leaves, insects, and debris from seeping into your garage. Our threshold seals are made from durable materials that can withstand heavy use and are resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Bottom Rubber Gaskets

Installing bottom rubber gaskets is another effective way to prevent drafts and water from entering your garage. These gaskets create a watertight seal at the bottom of your garage door, reducing the risk of water damage and moisture-related issues. With this kind of weatherproofing, you can feel more prepared to face hurricane season than before.

Why Install Weatherproofing?

While adding more reinforcements to your garage door sounds like a hassle, the long-term benefits of weatherproofing make it a worthwhile investment. Here are four of the most notable perks of weatherproofing your garage door:
Protection Against Extreme Weather Conditions
With the right weatherproofing materials, you can say goodbye to worring about wind and water damage being inflicted on your garage door. Seals will keep floodwaters from leaking inside your garage and insulation will safeguard your home against extreme temperature changes. When you have a weatherproof garage door, you’ll have less clean-up to worry about when the storm passes.
Increased Garage Door Lifespan
Weatherproofing minimizes the wear and tear caused by exposure to the elements, prolonging the lifespan of your garage door. It also reduces the frequency of repairs and maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run. Our top-quality weatherproofing materials will surely boost the durability and longevity of your garage door for years to come.


Weatherproof Your Garage Door With The Garage Door Repair Company

Don’t let the unpredictable weather compromise the security and comfort of your garage and home. Instead, trust the experts at the Garage Door Repair Company to provide professional garage door weatherproofing services to your Houston home. Our skilled technicians will assess your garage door, recommend the most suitable weatherproofing solutions, and ensure a flawless installation.
Let us help you protect your garage, belongings, and loved ones from the elements with our expertise and high-quality weatherproofing materials. When you invest in garage door weatherproofing from the Garage Door Repair Company you will enjoy a durable, secure, and energy-efficient garage door for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about how our weatherproofing services can benefit your home.

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