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The innovation of garage door openers has revolutionized the ability to save time and keep your home safe. The right garage door opener can do an excellent job of securing your home and ensuring you can leave your home with ease. Of course, you might find yourself in need of affordable garage door opener installation options, whether you’re getting an opener for your new home or replacing an old one. Keep reading this guide to affordable garage door opener installation options for assistance.

Affordable Garage Door Opener Installation Options

Your garage door opener needs can vary, so rather than list specific affordable garage door openers, you are going to take a look at garage door opener types and brands to determine what makes the most sense for your budget. You will also gain insight into additional costs, so you can prepare to pay for those.

Garage Door Opener Type

The first consideration when it comes to exploring affordable garage door opener installation options is the type of garage door opener. There are five types of garage door openers found in both residential and commercial properties: chain-drive, belt-drive, screw-drive, direct drive, and jackshaft openers. Jackshaft, or wall-mount garage door openers, have the highest price range of $500-$750. Direct drive openers immediately follow as the second most expensive, costing as little as $275 or up to $600.

Screw and chain drive garage door openers can also have a significant gap in their costs, with screw drive openers costing $130-$500 and chain-drive ones costing $130-$585. Belt drives can also have a wide cost range, but that range tends to be on the lower end of $70-$450. One reason for these price range disparities can be the specific brand’s make and model.

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Garage Door Opener Brand

The garage door opener brand can also determine affordability. For this blog, we will look at the four most popular garage door opener brands and their average price ranges. The maximum average price for both LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers is $500.

However, LiftMaster is ultimately more expensive in its range due to its $225 minimum, while Chamberlain has a minimum average of $130 for its garage door openers. Genie garage door openers come in third, averaging $130-$450, while Craftsman garage doors are the most affordable at $125-$325. The more recent the make and model of the opener, the more expensive it will be than an older one. So that is a likely contributing factor to some of the more significant price range differences.

Additional Costs

Finally, you can’t just think about the opener itself when determining affordability. You also need to factor in the additional costs. These additional costs typically include sensors, battery backup, remotes and keypads, and labor.

Safety sensors are reasonably priced, with sets costing as little as $25 or up to $100. Battery backups are also affordable at $50-$150. Purchasing garage door remotes can cost an additional $15-$40, depending on the opener. If you have multiple drivers in your home, you want to account for how many people will need remotes. Keypads, on the other hand, are not always charged separately, but when they are, they are very inexpensive at $30-$60. Finally, while the total cost of labor is contingent upon how long it takes to install the opener, most services charge $65-$85 per hour.

Ask The Garage Door Company About The Best Affordable Garage Door Opener Installation Options For Your Home

Understanding the price ranges for garage door openers based on type and brand and thinking about additional costs will allow you to determine which options are most affordable. If you need help taking a close, in-depth look based on your budget, you can reach out to our team at The Garage Door Company for help. Contact us today, and we will help you find the most affordable garage door opener for your home.